Led Flood Lights Grande Prairie

Led Flood Lights Grande Prairie

When you've got something massive to illuminate at night, you need proper floodlights. Spotlights are great for lighting up things like interesting architectural details and pretty landscape features. When it comes to lighting a parking lot, stage, sports field or warehouse, however, nothing beats an array of LED floodlights in Grande Prairie.

What are floodlights

In a nutshell, floodlights are broad-beamed lights that are typically used to illuminate large outdoor areas after dark. The amount of light that is produced by LED floodlights in Grande Prairie or anywhere applies to a range of outdoor situations. The street lights in your town are a type of floodlight, as are the bright stage lights that enable night time concert goers to see their favorite rock 'n' roll act. Sports arenas also utilize arrays of floodlights that make it possible for soccer teams to play outdoors well after the sun has set. 

What is LED

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED lights create something called electroluminescence by way of electrical current coupled with semiconductor materials. LED floodlights in Grande Prairie operate cooler and last significantly longer than typical incandescent bulbs and tungsten halogen lamps which contain filaments that get hot when in use, according to tech experts at Edison Tech Center in Schenectady, New York.

Benefits of LED floodlights

Energy efficiency: LED floodlights offer massive energy savings of up to 90 percent over incandescent and halogen bulbs. When compared to fluorescent floodlights, LED lights are approximately 50 percent more energy efficient.

Lengthened lifespan: An LED floodlight can last up to three times longer than a typical filament light bulb. If you require a floodlight that may last up to 90,000 hours, opt for LED floodlights in Grande Prairie or wherever you are.

Eco-friendly LED: Modern floodlight technology as offered by Polar Energy Solutions reduces carbon emissions and lessens the carbon footprints of sports fields and commercial facilities that have large parking lots that need to be illuminated at night. LED floodlights are energy efficient and require far less electricity than old-school fluorescent and tungsten halogen lamps.

Instant illumination: When you switch on a fluorescent floodlight, it can take a while to warm up and provide light. LED floodlights brighten your outdoor space the instant you flip the on switch.

LED runs cooler: Incandescent filament bulbs and even halogen lights put off a significant amount of heat in relation to their size. Not LED.

More durable: LED floodlights are solid-state so that they can stand up to more vibration and higher and lower temperatures than typical filament light bulbs and halogen lamps.

Take a look at your facility and try to count the number of light bulbs used to provide illumination after dark. The chances are good that there are too many to count comfortably. When you're ready to know how LED floodlights in Grande Prairie can save you money, time and headaches, please give Polar Energy Solutions a call at 1-866-873-1020.

Led Flood Lights Grande Prairie
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