Industrial Lighting Grande Prairie

Industrial Lighting Grande Prairie

If you're thinking about changing the way you illuminate your commercial facility, you'll want to know more about LED industrial lighting in Grande Prairie.

Benefits of LED industrial lighting

In Grande Prairie, many industries now opt to illuminate with energy efficient, environmentally friendly LED industrial lighting. Here are some of the benefits you'll want to know about.

1. LED industrial lighting requires no maintenance

If you've been using traditional industrial lighting, you may think that LED lights contain an expensive to replace magnetic ballast similar to those found in high-intensity HID lamps, fluorescent lamps and other sorts of regular industrial light bulbs. Understandable, but you would be mistaken. That's because modern LED lights employ semiconductors with electronic drivers that don't ever wear out.

In large facilities that boast many hundreds of fluorescent or HID lights, the cost of servicing and maintaining magnetic ballasts and changing bulbs can be outrageously expensive. Modern LED lighting options integrate brilliant control features such as dimming, sensing and instant- on/off into fixtures to provide maximum functionality and cost efficiency.

2. Lighting longevity

One of the most significant benefits of LED industrial lighting in Grande Prairie is its extended operating life. Most new LED lighting fixtures come rated with a lifespan of 90,000 or more hours, based on the industry standard. What that boils down to is more than a decade of continuous operation with no less than 70% lumen maintenance or brightness. Unlike traditional industrial lights, LED lights don’t flicker or burn out. Instead, they fade slightly over time. In fact, this fade happens so slowly; you may not even notice it.

3. LED industrial lights contain no mercury

You may already know that typical fluorescent lighting holds a significant amount of mercury within its glass tubes. LED lights are mercury-free. For this reason, they are safer and function quite well in both low- and high-temperature environments. 

4. LED industrial lighting manages glare

A lighting system that causes glare and eye strain is undoubtedly not a good thing. 21st century LED industrial lighting in Grande Prairie may be slightly brighter when the lamps are brand new, but that sense of glare dissipates after short use. Modern LED lighting options deliver excellent color temperature that's just right for some commercial and industrial applications.

5. Fewer lamps required

When you install LED lighting in your facility, you don't need as many bulbs as you would with typical fluorescent or high-intensity lighting. LEDs focus their beam in a single direction and offer superior distribution of light. Incandescent bulbs tend to throw light in all directions, leading to wasted energy and money. When you opt for LED industrial lighting, you conserve energy while lowering your illumination costs.

If you manage a commercial facility of any sort, you ought to consider LED as your next lighting choice. We are Polar Energy Solutions, and we can come to your Canadian location to professionally install an array of LED lights that will suit your purposes perfectly.

Industrial Lighting Grande Prairie
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