Lighting the North

Founded in 2013 in Canada’s Northwest Territories, Polar Energy is a wholesale distributor of LED lighting products with a focus on providing enviro-friendly, high-quality and energy efficient lighting solutions to the North and across Canada. The team at Polar Energy have worked with LED lighting since 2009 and have seen the field of lighting shift towards more advanced and efficient technologies. Polar Energy was founded on the goal to provide better lighting options that would help ease the high rates of the north for businesses, industries, and everyone in-between.

The Best Light on the Market

We all need light. Polar Energy wants to provide you with better light. LEDs are taking over the lighting market by storm and with very good reason: they are more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and are a better cost-saving alternative to conventional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. While there is little dispute that LEDs are the most efficient form of lighting on the market, not all LEDs are made equal. Polar Energy works with leading manufacturers in the field to secure the highest quality lights. As a distributor, we’re able to recommend the most appropriate fixtures for each individual project.

Customer Service

Polar Energy is a full-service lighting distributor with an emphasis on service. From inquiry to installation, we offer dedicated support every step of the way, whether you’re looking for hundreds of lights or just one. Unlike retail suppliers, we offer reliable service and knowledgeable support to all of our customers, established or potential. We will travel to your location, prepare lighting schematic and analysis data and show you exactly how LED lighting can work for you.  We will customize a quote based entirely on your needs, all before you make any commitment.

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